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Restorative Dentistry

Dental Fillings

Dental Bridges

Dental Crown

Restorative dentistry involves restoring your smile, speech and chewing function back to normal. If you have a decayed tooth, broken or missing teeth we can go through the options with you. Dental crowns, dental bridges and tooth fillings are some of the best options. Our dentist can talk you through these options.

Crowns are one of the strongest solutions for restoring a tooth back to its full function and appearance. Dental crowns can cover your weak tooth entirely, or be used as a tooth cap.

A porcelain crown is made from high-grade dental ceramic. The crown is placed over the broken tooth. Crowns are usually used on teeth that have had root canal treatment or have a large filling in them. There are three main types of crown available:

  • Full porcelain crown –  the crown will look like a natural tooth

  • Metal crowns – cheapest crown but the colour is metal

  • Gold crowns – last a long time

Dental crowns provide strength to your teeth and provide a vibrant, beautiful smile. If you have a large fracture in your tooth, dental crowns are the best option.

Crowns are permanently glued or cemented to the tooth, so you can’t take them out of the mouth like dentures. You have to care for your crown like you would your natural teeth or dental implants.  

 Dental Crowns are designed to last a long time. Proper brushing and flossing daily will make the crowns last as long as possible. Gold crowns and metal crowns are used on short teeth. The dentist has to remove minimal tooth structure to make these crowns.

Sometimes a porcelain crown will not be the best option. A white composite filling may be more beneficial. Our dentist will take you through the available crown options. Together with you, we will come up with the best treatment plan for your teeth.

If your tooth is missing, we can use dental bridges to replace the tooth. We use bridges to replace one or several missing teeth. A bridge is held by crowns that are secured to healthy teeth on either side of the space. This prevents adjacent teeth from moving into the vacant space, and opposing teeth moving out of alignment.

Dental Bridges are designed to last a long time. Proper brushing and flossing will make the bridges last a long time. You can learn "how to brush and floss" by watching a short video in our video section.

Dental bridges are cemented onto your natural teeth or implants. Unlike dentures, which are removable,  dental bridges are fixed onto natural teeth or implants.

We offer several treatment options to restore form and function to your smile and mouth. If you would like to know more about your options, please see our dentists at Cohuna Dental.

Fillings for teeth involve removing a cavity or decay in the tooth. The cavity is then sealed with filling material. Fillings are usually permanent. In some instances, our dentist may place temporary tooth fillings. There are two main types of fillings materials available:

  • Silver colour (amalgam) fillings; and

  • White (composite) fillings

Our dentist will explain the advantages and disadvantages of the fillings. They will advise which filling is suitable for your situation. They will also give you the option to choose your filling material.

White (Composite) fillings:

White fillings are the most popular filling material. They look natural because of recent advances in white filling materials. White fillings are not as strong as amalgam fillings and won’t last as long as amalgam fillings.

Silver colour (amalgam) fillings:

Silver colour or amalgam fillings have a metal appearance. These fillings are used in the back teeth because of the colour. Amalgam fillings are stronger and last longer than white fillings. Silver fillings contain a minute amount of mercury. Many university studies show that mercury used in fillings does not cause health problems.

It is safe to place amalgam fillings in the mouth. If you have had an allergic reaction to metals in the past, you should tell the dentist. If you are allergic to metals ,You should not have amalgam fillings.

We can provide both types of fillings. If you would like to know more about the fillings types and treatment options, please contact us.

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