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About Cohuna Dental

  • Cohuna dentist provides complete oral care and management which includes emergency dental services, treating toothache or painful teeth, repairing and restoring broken teeth, dental implants, root canal treatment, and crowns and bridges.

  •  A hole in the tooth or a fractured tooth can be filled with tooth coloured white filling material, resulting in a natural finish. If there is not enough tooth structure because of a large cavity, the teeth can be saved using a dental crown and bridge.

  • We provide a whole mouth check-up and professional dental clean, which will get rid of tartar and build-up near the gum margin. A sore tooth, tooth abscess, gum abscess and a swollen face can cause you great discomfort and impact your day to day activities. Our emergency dentist is on standby to treat these unpleasant conditions.​

  •  If you have lost a filling or broken a filling, we can repair these for you. There are many reasons why you may get sensitive teeth or nervy pain near the gum margin. Our dentist can identify and treat the cause.

  • Sore gums, swollen gums or bleeding gums indicate that you have gum disease. If you don’t treat these conditions it can lead up to permanent damage like gums peeling from the teeth, very loose teeth or feeling that your teeth are moving without any reason. If you experience any of these symptoms, please visit our gentle and friendly dentist. They will identify the cause and treat accordingly.

  • If you have a very painful tooth and don’t want to lose it, we can provide root canal treatment. Sometimes the tooth may be beyond repair and you may have to lose the tooth. We can provide dental implants to replace the lost tooth.

  • We treat children of all ages. If you have nervous child we can provide dental treatment with happy gas.

  • Contact one of our dentists in Cohuna to discuss your dental problems.

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